Perfect 10 Show

This year Tintmasters and Perfect 10 Show have decided to switch it up. We have not 'quit' the Perfect 10 Show, however we are taking 2010 to listen to requests from our loyal customers/show participants.

On August 7th-8th, we will be hosting a weekend event at Interstate Dragways. Outdoor car show, Drag Racing (1/4 mile), Camping, and lots of fun. This event is looking to add another aspect to the show scene, giving the show participants the ability to prove they have the complete car...not only 'Show' but 'Go' as well. Pending the turnout for this weekend event at the drag strip, we may try and incorporate the event, along with the Perfect 10 Show for 2011. Those of you that look forward to the Perfect 10 Show each year, will want to make sure you make this weekend event at the dragstrip, as this will be the only large car show we put on for 2010! Trophies, Racing, Camping, Sun, Girls, Fun!

More details on this August 7th-8th weekend soon to come!

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at: TNTMSTR@AOL.COM

Jason Christopherson
Perfect 10 Show Coordinator
Store Manager

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